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Art & Craft

Creativity is the art of life. Students have proved that unity in creativity can yield good results. None of them lag behind.

Dance Class

Performing Classical, Semi Classical, Folk and Contemporary dance is the forte of Sharadites. Dancing is one of the avenues to emote the feeling and perform rhythmic steps.

Independence Day Celebration

Hoisting the tricolor, the symbol of our freedom to remember the sacrifice made by martyrs of Bharath on August 15th.


A step towards self defence. Karate provides the need of the day to the students to face the problems in the present day world.

Krishnastami in our Vidyalaya

Nandagopalas in our Vidyalaya to remind everyone that Lord Krishna is the favourite deity of tiny tots.

Makkala Dwani

“Makkala Dwani” –(The voice of the children), a program to encourage literary & cultural skills among the students held in our Vidyalaya is a unique program that fosters  love for our literary & cultural values.

Vicennial  Exhibition

Learning by doing is the core of all formative assessments. Proud display of exhibits resulting in wonderment of creativity.

Vidyalaya Day

Showcasing the hidden potential at the time of Vidyalaya Day presents a bonanza of Cultural activities which is the dream of every Sharadite on the Vidyalaya Day.

Scouts & Guides

Scouts & Guides in action proving that they are part of the show.

Sharada Mahotsava

Every year inter-school cultural competitions are held wherein more than 1000 students from 50 schools compete and seek the blessings of Sharada Mata during Navarathri.

Sports & Games

Games for Pre- primary & Primary and Track events, Jumps & Throws for the seniors is the main attraction for the students of our Vidyalaya.
Sharadites  proving that they are in the race.

Students Council

Democracy at grass root level, is the encouragement given at School level to instill leadership qualities by electing leaders to assist the teachers in the smooth functioning of the school.


Nimble fingers in action resulting in smooth rhythmic  music.

Teachers Day

Felicitation of eminent teachers who are our role models unravels the respect we have for the teaching community.


Meditation builds inner strength creating healthy mind in healthy body.


Kargil Vijayotsava

Nandana Inauguration