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Sharada Vidyalaya

We strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your child’s success with well formed infrastructure of knowledge and resources.

Chairman's Message

Education has always been a cornerstone of society, the pillar on which the bulwark of human existence rests, the leading light as mankind made his way in quest of the unknown. While the art and science of education may have undergone changes since the time of yore, every educationist strives to instil in every student a sense of virtue and wisdom, sensitivity to the needs of others, 

Dr. M.B. Puranik

A place to learn and grow together

 Sharada Vidyalaya is a community where all the members thrive as learners, growing and developing academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

We provide our students with a rigorous and innovative educational program in an ambience that embraces diversity of people, culture and ideas. Sharada Vidyalaya inspires its students to pursue their passions and lead a life of purpose and excellence. Our beautiful campus in the heart of Mangalore city  is as much a part of our learning environment as our infrastructure and caring faculty.




E- Platform for better learning. Audio-visual based modules, which complement the curriculum



Computer Lab

Our modern Computer Lab. The desktops are regularly updated with the latest software



Our labs are avenues for experimentation where students experience practical knowledge.


Adopting new ideas, equipped with Computer and Projector for special presentation,




A growing library with a vast collection of interesting books in different languages